How we find Properties:

East Bay PREC organizes with tenants and community groups in the East Bay to purchase properties, taking them off of the speculative market, creating permanently affordable housing.

  • Are you renting at a property that is going on the market?
  • Is your co-op or community looking for a place to call home?
  • Do you have a property that you'd like to donate or sell to EB PREC so it's taken off the speculative market for ever?

You can Contact Us if you have a property that might be a good fit!

Resident Ownership:

Residents of properties owned by East Bay PREC become co-owners of cooperative, and have other rights, including:
  • Long-term, permanently affordable housing,
  • Democratic management of their own units, with support from the co-op staff,
  • Building equity in their units that grows over time!


EBPREC is launching December 2018, we're working on acquiring our first properties!

Potential Properties:

789 61st Street, Oakland, CA
  • Stage: Due Dilligence
  • Type: 4 unit residential
  • Acquisitions Timeline: Early 2019

2447 Prince St, Berkeley, CA
  • Stage: Due Dilligence
  • Type: 4 bedroom Single Family Residential
  • Notes: This property is a donation, which we are receiving in partnership with OCLT.

Help us take more properties off the speculative market. Contact Us today!