Points of Unity

This is not an exhaustive list and it is a work in progress. For now, EB PREC has adopted the following points of unity.

We believe in:
  • Right of Return - the right of displaced people to return to their community
  • Collective Power - healing, building, and transforming for freedom happens together
  • Collective Land Stewardship - in honor of indigenous people and practices we are about the care of the land together
  • In it for the long term - permanently removing land from the capitalist market
  • Serve and work with Black Indigenous and People of Color - the lens in which we see all of this transformation
  • Open hearted open space to simply be - space to heal and create
  • Sharing resources - and information for collective function
  • Building productive capacity - cultivate coop business on the land multi-use properties

Our Guiding Principles

land without landlords
by creating a pathway to home ownership for everyone, because housing is a right, not a commodity
transform an unjust finance system
by facilitating investor relationships to build collective wealth among historically disenfranchised BIPOC
build a culture of democracy
by bringing everyday people together to organize, finance, acquire, and co-steward land and housing on our own terms

Thanks to our Partners and Supporters