It Takes a Village

Thank you for supporting our work, building collective capacity, assets, and community! 

We encourage you to make a recurring monthly donation to become a Sustainer of EB PREC. Monthly donations provide stability as we build a solid foundation for the movement for Permanent Affordability. 

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East Bay PREC is not a 501C-3 (we are a California Cooperative Corporation) so donations made directly to us are not tax deductible. If you'd like to make a tax deductible donation, please Contact Us, email [email protected], or talk to our friends at the Sustainable Economies Law Center.

Other Gifts

Financial Capital is just one way to contribute to the community.

Social, Informational, Spiritual and Experiential capital are equally important in the movement we are building together. (You can read more about the 8 Forms of Capital here)

We look forward to hearing what other gifts you want to share with the community. Let us know here, or contact us at [email protected]